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Infrastructure: FO Networks & FTTH

We carry out comprehensive works of fiber optic networks and FTTH: planning, execution, control and maintenance. Our team of specialized professionals carries out comprehensive projects. Services that cover all stages of your business development Access turnkey projects, including planning, documentation, engineering drawings, laying and splicing, logistics and supplies. Cover your broadband demand with advanced connectivity services and high-quality optical equipment. Provision of equipm

Communications: Internet, FO, Transport, CDN & DWDM

We have several fiber optic rings with transport capacity to offer dedicated and protected services. Our network includes 5 separate links crossing the Andes mountain range to connect Argentina and Chile, resulting in a unique, robust, redundant, and resilient network capable of enduring natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, forest fires, volcanic eruptions and floods. We can ensure connectivity to and from any point in the planet through several paths, providing high-availability

DWDM Network Support

We offer a communications solution that contemplates the provisioning of a DWDM Padtec platform and the corresponding support services. We feature in our services a connectivity solution that includes provisioning of a Padtec DWDM platform. This platform includes support services to serve our clients’ needs, by consolidating and interconnecting the administration and usage of their Data Centers connections through a platform that provides optimized connectivity costs, scalability and distribut

We invest in continuous innovation to improve connectivity for our clients.

We are a Grupo Datco company providing infrastructure, maintenance, Internet and data transport services over fiber optics, connecting the main cities of Argentina, Brazil and Chile to the world.

Our DWDM Fiber Optic network of over 13,000 kilometers bridges the Atlantic and Pacific coasts through several redundant routes. This is one of our unique differentiating factors for international connectivity services.

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