Guaranteed connectivity from any point on the planet, ensuring high availability and low latency.


Services covering all stages of your business development: FTTH site planning, execution, maintenance, and control.

Cloud & Datacenter

This is the private multicloud connectivity solution that facilitates interconnection between companies and the cloud services of leading providers.

Optical fiber

We build strategic routes that provide redundancy and security against natural disasters.

We continuously innovate to improve connectivity conditions for our customers.

We are the Grupo Datco company that provides infrastructure, maintenance and internet and fiber optic transport services, linking the main cities of Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and the world.

Our network of over 14,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable with DWDM technology connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through different routes, giving us a unique advantage in for international connectivity.

Explore our network map for Argentina, Latin America, and the world.