Silica Networks, Carrier for Carriers

We are a Grupo Datco company born from the idea of connecting and linking places or geographical points through a secure and redundant fiber-optic network.

We aimed to communicate the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to teamwork and the company’s characteristic value, we managed to break that barrier and illuminate optimum quality connectivity with different strategic points in Argentina and Chile Brazil.

Our specialists’ commitment and dedication made it possible for our network to continue to grow and connect in different locations year after year, some of which are popular while others are in remote places. However, we always pursue democratic connectivity.

The ambition to continue to expand our continuous connectivity network intact for over 30 years, and our completed projects and strategic alliances account for this.

Our CEO, Horacio Martínez, talks more about Silica Networks’ birth.

We provide reliable, high-capacity services through robust infrastructures, SLA Carrier Class, and permanent 24/7 support.

Each customer, their connectivity and data transport needs are unique. We have a broad portfolio of services that, in addition to including diversity, have the flexibility to become tailored solutions.
We follow the evolution of each client’s connectivity needs, and we adapt our services to fit the most varied requirements.
Our shop offers a wide variety of services integrated into a single customer-facing solution through a single point of contact that ensures the best user experience possible.

Silica Networks' fiber optic ring typology ensures service continuity through redundant paths triggered during contingencies. It provides high availability and low latency, which are necessary conditions for critical connectivity provision.