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Turbomaster Sistema GPON

The Turbomaster GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) System exceeds expectations in relation to existing solutions for the service of FTTH networks, since each OLT and ONU model is integrated in a system that drastically reduces investments, allowing a complete vision of the whole. of the installed park.

Turbomaster ONU GPON GRG-31110

Designed for FTTx Triple Play applications and supports multiple installations, including QoS, VoIP, multicast video, and Wi-Fi support.

Turbomaster OLT DOLT 1408-DC

Features: 8xGPON OIM, 4x1GE / 10GE SFP +, with 8 SFP GPON (1:128 split ratio) with DC source plus GPON transceivers.

FTTH Project Planning

Design – Engineering – Terrain Survey – Measurements – Route Definition – Regenerators Locations – Permit and Finance Management