Meet our network map for Argentina, Latin America, and the rest of the world

To provide the best solutions for our customers, we built strategic routes providing them with redundancy and safety against failures or natural disasters.


Capricornio Network

We are part of the public-private initiative that provides bandwidth connectivity to northern Argentina, northern Chile, southern Brazil, and Bolivia and Paraguay countries, bypassing Buenos Aires.


Green Datacenter

The region’s first “green” data center based on energy efficiency and reducing the amount of water used for cooling and CO2 emissions.

New Las Toninas Route

An alternative network with 450 km of fiber optic wiring that is completely disjointed to existing routes that provide strategic relevance in the connectivity infrastructure between Argentina and the rest of the world.

Our 5 strategic routes in the Andes mountain range connect the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

Get to know the layout of our fiber optic network

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