1. Introduction
    • This Privacy Policy describes the conditions of use, data collection practices, and the limits and scope of responsibility of this website and third parties.
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  3. Actions by third parties
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  4. Privacy policies for tracking sources used in this website
  5. Personal Data Protection Policy
    • This site does not share or reveal data it has obtained, except when authorized by you, or in the following cases: a) When required by a competent authority, and through the applicable legal procedures, and b) when, at this site’s discretion, it is necessary to enforce the conditions of use and other terms of the site, or to safeguard the integrity of the other users or the site itself.
    • You need to be aware that when you voluntarily reveal personal information online in a public area that is accessible by any Internet user, that information can be collected and used by third parties. We do not control the actions of our visitors and users, or of any third parties outside our website.
  6. Responsible Conduct
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