Project Description

Connect company networks with Microsoft Azure

Cloud connectivity through the Internet cannot guarantee quality of service and is plagued with speed, jitter, and security issues due to its reliance on a public network. The resulting user experience is of slow connectivity and shifting performance for the apps and services running on the cloud.

Express Route

ExpressRoute is a private service that connects to Microsoft Azure through a high-quality, dedicated link provided by us. Our fiber-optic network ensures reliability, high-redundancy, and the highest standards of security.

Besides access to our fiber-optic network, ExpressRoute also relies on Grupo Datco’s consulting and support services, which enable us to adapt to specific client requirements. Grupo Datco counts with a professional team of over 500 consultants certified by Microsoft.

In case of any issues, our clients have the benefit of a Single Point of Contact, which makes ExpressRoute the only comprehensive, all-inclusive solution in the market.

Our privately-owned network includes multiple routes, national and international transport links. With the added value of our consulting services, we are way ahead from other providers. We can effectively guarantee low latency and eliminate packet loss, reducing network error rates and providing a more reliable service with the highest availability rate, suitable for high-impact, critical client applications.

The combination of these features makes ExpressRoute the best possible choice for cloud connectivity, as it is the only solution in the market that combines infrastructure and service in a single package and provided by a single company, with the end result of an improved Microsoft Azure cloud-access experience.

Improve your Microsoft Azure cloud experience with ExpressRoute.