Our Colocation service provides a physical space for hosting servers and their connectivity, whether public or private. This service will be aimed at Carriers and ISPs looking to reduce their infrastructure maintenance and operational costs by leveraging our Data Center, which boasts high levels of security, energy, and precision environment.

The physical space may be provided on 19″ racks, available in the following configurations:
  • ¼ Rack (10u)
  • ½ Rack (20u)
  • 1 Full Rack (45u)
Clients who contract our Colocation service, in addition to the contracted space, must:
  • One (1) port will be provided per equipment and one (1) public IP will be assigned per server installed. The public IPs will be delivered according to the service modality until the end of the contract. .
  • In addition to the contracted space, customers who purchase our Colocation service must contract connectivity, which may be:
    • Public: internet (national and international)
    • Private: between the installed servers and the customer’s offices
The power supply will depend on the space contracted by the customer: (1*)
  • ¼ Rack 785Va, 5 outlets
  • ½ Rack 1,56kVA, 10 outlets
  • 1 Full Rack 3,125 kVA, 20 outlets
The client will have the option to request our remote support to the NOC for the following functions:
  • Viewing alarms on the equipment
  • Switching the equipment on/off
  • Verification of physical connections
  • Connection/Disconnection equipment